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We spent this last weekend on our final (for now) painting project, the kitchen and powder room. The Kardashians couldn’t entertain us this time because we were tackling separate rooms, so we listened to the Beatles and the Pet Shop Boys instead, with me yelling from the powder room, “Is this song about drugs?”

Alec had the trickier job of painting all the hard-to-reach spots above the kitchen cabinets. Like on the right-hand side of this photo:

I just had to make sure not to drip paint on the toilet:

We moved everything from the kitchen countertops to the dining room table. Alec said we looked like subjects in that photo series where families around the world pose with all their food, except with a Hello Kitty toaster instead of comestibles. Maybe we just looked like we were having an indoor rummage sale.

We painted the rooms Benjamin Moore’s Harp Strings, which is a soft, buttery yellow. It made everything so happy, and complemented the woodwork, countertops and blacksplash. I was so pleased with the difference.

Kudos to Alec to painting above these cabinets. He managed to get in there with a long-handled radiator brush, which we had ordered for his office and ended up not using.

And here’s my handiwork in the powder room. We are working on adding a bit more to this room, so I’ll have additional photos later.

We ordered in from Leona’s to celebrate a hard day’s work and ate dinner while watching Community commentary tracks. I ordered a Caesar avocado wrap and it was enormous! I took a photo with a roll of tape (the closest object I had on hand) for scale.

That’s a wrap!


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